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Webinars and Workshops

Free Intro to S3.41 Webinar

We are currently offering a one-hour Intro to S3.41 (Sociocracy 3.0 for one) Webinar.

Sociocracy 3.0 is a practical process for evolving agile and resilient organizations of any size, from small start-ups to large international networks and S3.41 is a lightweight version of the S3 framework designed for individuals and small team that facilitates collective learning to maximize long-term impact.

The basic idea is that in situations of uncertainty, consider all decisions as a series of experiments designed to explore the best way(s) to respond to a situation and then feed the results of that learning back into the process to improve future decisions.

The process minimizes risk, reduces analysis paralysis, facilitates collaboration, improves shared understanding and communication, maximizes learning, and allows for agile responses to quickly changing conditions.

It provides a powerful way forward in complex situation because experiments only need to be “good enough for now, and safe enough to try.”

The next webinars are scheduled for:

Wednesday June 20th at 9:00 am (Pacific)

Monday June 25th at 3:00 pm (Pacific)

Wednesday June 27th at 7:00 pm (Pacific)

Click on any of the times to reserve your spot today!

Lunch and Learns

We love to do what we do and we love sharing what we know with others, so we would love to come to your team to talk about ways to increase effectiveness and happiness at work. The pdf below describes our free Lunch and Learn offer to any organization that wants to release the full potential of their team.

Check out the PDF and feel free to download it and share it with anyone you know who might be interested.

Emotus "The Book"
Emotus Lunch and Learns



Emotus for Teams

Sometimes “hell is other people”. Sometimes it feels like your team is the biggest obstacle to actually getting things done. But your team is also your single most important resource. Just imagine what you could accomplish if you had all that talent and energy aligned and focused on making important things happen.

When you work with Emotus Operandi, we offer a structured, organizational development process that is based on the best research and road-tested with dozens of organizations. But unlike other approaches, our system is specifically tailored to unleash the full potential of your team by tapping into the really important stuff – and best of all, it’s actually FUN.

Jump Start Intensive – We start with your best by having your team focus on the high points – the times when it’s all starting to come together, the times that hint at what could be possible if the team really gelled. Next, we use fun, creative techniques to help the whole team develop a powerful picture of what success is possible. Then we help you build a realistic, focused action plan for the next three months. And all in one day. (We did say it was intense!)

Regular Follow-up – Of course, talk is cheap. The real test of any system is it’s ability to deliver. We get it. We provide regular follow-up three ways, 1) ReGroups – we work with your team to develop a system of effective, painless meetings to check on progress, trouble-shoot and keep things moving forward; 2) The Emotus App – a cutting-edge project management application; and 3) Leadership Coaching – to help your team develop long-term capacity to keep things moving. Sure, it puts us out of a job, but that’s a good thing.

The Review and Renew Session – After three months, we help you get the “big picture” by reviewing your progress, celebrating successes and building on what you’ve learned to make another focused plan for the next three months.

We know that to make this work, it needs to be a partnership. We only work with organizations that are committed to doing work that really matters. We believe in your potential and the value of the work you are doing and we want to help you make your impact on the world.

We also know that partnerships require trust and understanding to work, so we’re willing to take the time to make sure there’s a good fit.

When you’re ready to take the next step, we’d love grab a coffee and get to know about your goals and the barriers that feel like they’re getting in the way. We like it old-school – actually taking an hour face-to-face to make the connection. If it seems like we can help, we could host a Lunch & Learn so that your team can get a sense of where we are coming from or we can start planning your own Jump Start Intensive.

Ready to take the next step? Drop us a line, and we’ll take it from there.







Effective leadership is something that grows over time with experience. We want to help nurture that growth in anyway we can.

We encourage you to take a few webinars to see if there is a fit between your interests and our approach. If you feel like there’s a match, let’s talk about long term ways the Emotus can help support you.

For some, this might look like regular coaching sessions to help you chart an effect course for a project or team you are working with.

For some, it might be adding a few elements of the Emotus approach into your working tool kit.

For some, it might be about exploring the possibility of working as an Emotus facilitator to bring the process to more groups in your area.

If you’re curious, let’s talk about the possibilities.





TrailblazersEmotus Operandi has been specifically designed for people who want to do work that matters – work that matters to you and matters to the world. We call ourselves (and people like us) trailblazers because it often feels like we are blazing a new path, creating work that is personally fulfilling, makes a difference in the world, and is materially sustaining over the long haul.

Trailblazers come in all shapes and sizes. Many are self-employed, but some also work in conventional jobs. Many work in “microbusinesses” with only a handful of colleagues, but some work within large organizations. Some have a clear vision about what they are meant to do, others are still trying to find clarity about what the tiny voice inside is suggesting.

The thing we all have in common is a belief that meaningful work is a central part of a successful life, not simply a way to earn a paycheck. But at the same time, we realize that we need to earn a healthy living to be able to continue to provide real service to the world.

Being trailblazers ourselves, we know that finding the work that matters to you and makes a difference in the world  can be really exciting and really scary and confusing. That’s why we’ve formed Emotus Operandi – to provide a safe harbour for fellow travelers and some concrete tools to help you clarify the vision, break your big scary goals into manageable bite-sized pieces and consistently take that next step to keep you moving towards the things that really matter.

If this sounds good to you, we look forward to meeting you and working together in the near future.