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The Action Network

The big question:

How do we weave together the good work that people are doing around social impact / innovation in a way that catalyzes the most positive change?

Our answer:

The Action Network is our best guess on how to do this. It’s like having access to a think tank focused on your project.

It combines Action Research with Design Thinking to create an informal, peer-to-peer network of people who are trying to create positive change in the world and who are looking for ways to increase their effectiveness dealing with the wicked social, economic, and environmental problems we are currently facing.

At this point, the Network is only an idea, but we feel like we would personally benefit from connecting with like-minded and like-hearted people to compare notes on what works and find ways to support each other to make the world a better place. We wondered if there were other people out there who thought this sounded like a good idea, too.

We have a few ideas about how the network could work, but ultimately the shape it takes will be dictated by who shows up and gets involved.

Here’s the vision:

When you need help thinking through a project, we will help you connect with members of the network who seem like a good fit and set up a Zoom meeting of 3 to 5 people who are willing to help. You get to frame the meeting agenda and use the advice you receive however you see fit, but our hope is that you might also find one or more people in the group who are willing to continue on in some capacity.

We would also host regular check-in meetings for members of the network who are looking for on-going support implementing and moving forward on a plan. Ideally, anyone interested in participating in the check-in meetings complete a 13-week action plan with weekly or bi-weekly milestones that can be used to gauge progress.

Take the Next Step

The Action Network is currently in a developmental phase. We are looking for willing guinea pigs who want to get in on the ground floor and don’t mind a few growing pains as we move forward.

If you are interested, click here to send us an email and let us know what aspects of the network are most appealing and how you would like to get involved. It’s just that simple!

Take the next step