Bring people together.
Work on common goals

How does the system work?

There are three main parts. It all starts with a Jump Start Intensive where you work together with other trailblazers to learn from the best of your experiences, get clear on what you want to accomplish, and make a concrete action-plan for the next three months. They we follow-up with regular face-to-face ReGroup meetings and a supportive online community to help keep you on track. Then after three months we hold a Review and Renew session where you celebrate what you’ve accomplished, refine your goals and make a new three-month action plan to keep the momentum going.

How much does this cost?

We don’t think cost should ever be a barrier to striving for your most important goals.

Emotus Operandi is based on a membership system – like a health club for your work. All of our services – Jump Start workshops, ReGroup meetings, Review and Renew sessions, Emotus Socials, and JIT Workshops are included in a single monthly fee.

The standard monthly fee is currently $330 (HST included), but if you agree to sign-up for 3 months, you get one month free AND one personal coaching session – so for most people, membership is $220/month.

But if the standard rate is currently a barrier, we’ve developed the “pay it forward” system to get that barrier out of the way. (See below)

What is the Pay-it-Forward system?

‘Pay-it-Forward’ is not charity or a loan, but a way for people within the community to help each other move forward on important goals.  Think of it as our Alumni Foundation. We want to invest in your success and we don’t want money to ever be a barrier to participation.

If you are ready to take the next step and willing to commit for at least 3 months of regular activity, the Pay-it-Forward program will cover the difference between what you are able to pay monthly and the cost of the program.

All we ask in return is that:

1)    You focus your efforts on finding that sweet spot where your passion and the world’s need meet for AT LEAST 3 months.

2)    You don’t “fall off the radar” without communicating with us about your current situation.

3)    You remember the help you’ve received in the future when the money is flowing more easily and consider making a contribution into the Pay-it-Forward fund for future participants.


What is this system based on?

The Emotus Operandi system was developed by Ben Kadel PhD. based on years of research and experience in helping individuals and groups overcome fear, doubt, confusion and conflict and unleash the power of enthusiasm to make real progress on important goals. The system is based in large part of recent research in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and hitting “flow” – all of which uses fMRI and other advanced brain imaging systems to peek into the complex relationships between emotions, effort, and accomplishment. All of the techniques used in the system have been reality tested with real-live people and groups over the past 10 years.

Who is Emotus Operandi for?

We have designed Emotus Operandi for trailblazers – people who believe that work is an integral part of making a meaningful life and having a positive impact in the world, not simply a way to earn a check. This includes entrepreneurs, social change agents, creative folks, and many others. The system is also tailored to people who people who work as free agents or in ad hoc work groups or microbusinesses.


Is Emotus Operandi for individuals or groups?

Yes. The system is designed for both individuals and for work teams of 30 or fewer people.

Individuals can sign-up for monthly memberships and take part in a wide variety of activities.

Businesses or work teams can contract with Emotus Operandi to tailor the system to their specific needs. We will schedule a special Jump Start event for your company and lead in-house ReGroup meetings to keep your team moving forward and making progress.

In addition, all employees covered by an Emotus contract are eligible for all the same great community events sponsored by Emotus (JIT learning events, Emotus Socials, and additional ReGroup meetings).