Bring people together.
Work on common goals

Our goal at Emotus Operandi is to create a safe, supportive community both online and in person. No information that you provide to Emotus Operandi will ever be released, loaned, sold, or traded with any other organization or individual for any reason unless required by law.

We encourage a safe, open environment for participants both online and in person. We encourage all participants to respect the privacy of fellow participants in any conversations outside of the Emotus community, and suggest simply following the “golden rule” – treat others the way you would like to be treated.

We will also monitor the site and deal swiftly with any abuse, and encourage participants to report any abuses they notice.

At the same time, we believe that the world is currently overly obsessed with privacy and self-protection. In our experience, there is a far greater risk to concealing information from others than from revealing what one is really feeling and thinking (with the obvious exception of your bank account information). We encourage participants to think about how much your desire for privacy and concealment is helping and hindering your ability to move forward and be happy.