Bring people together.
Work on common goals

How Emotus Works

Our goal is to help you waste less energy on fear, doubt, and confusion and spend more time working in Flow.

Our process is grounded in research on peak experiences and optimal performance in teams and helps you incorporates the 7 flow factors into your daily work.

1) Meaningful, Emergent Goals

Everyone talks about the importance of clear goals, but to really work they have to be “death bed” goals – the kinds of goals that you will look back on later and say “yes, I’ve led a good life.”

2) Right-sized Challenges

Once we have clear goals, we need a realistic challenge to inspire us. Like great computer games – we want to get to the next level. If it’s too easy, we get bored and quit. Too hard, we get frustrated and quit. We need challenges that stretch us, but don’t break. Luckily, all goals can be broken down into right-sized challenges.

3) Timely Feedback

We need direct timely feedback – so you know how you’re doing – both good and bad – and you can make adjustments. The more integrated the feedback, the more agile and graceful you can be.

4) Minimize Distractions

We help you develop the ability to focus on what’s really important. Make the important things urgent, and get unimportant things off the list entirely.

5) Build Strong Social Connections

This isn’t some Hallmark idea of relationship, like some comfy, old blanket. We need people who love us, care about us, but know our tricks. Because sometimes you need a hug, and sometimes you need a kick in the ass

6) Visible Progress Indicators

A visible sense of progress is essential to avoid burnout. Burnout doesn’t happen because you work too much – it happens because you don’t feel like you’re making progress. We help you make your progress visible and real.

7) Have Fun

Finally and most importantly: have fun. Science is on our side. We are more creative, smarter, more effective and more productive when we are having fun. Plus, you know, it’s more fun.

The overall goal is waste less energy, spend more time in flow.

Building the 7 flow factors into your work is a key component. We can help with that, whether you are working solo or in a team.